Students Across Campus Awarded Funding to Support Learning and Research Related to Latin America

May 8, 2018

Students Across Campus Awarded Funding to Support Learning and Research Related to Latin America

Each spring, the LAII awards a variety of funding to students across campus to support learning and research related to Latin America. This funding typically comes in the form of field research grants for graduate students; Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students; and PhD Fellowships for doctoral students. Each source of financial support recognizes meritorious students whose scholarship, research, and learning relates to Latin America or, in some cases, Iberia. Below are the students who have received awards for the coming year. Profiles of their research will be shared in the coming weeks.

Field Research Grants

The LAII, with a grant from the Tinker Foundation, provides support for graduate students in any UNM department to conduct fieldwork in Latin America. Field Research Grants (FRGs) are meant to assist students in obtaining their first or second field research experience in Latin America.

  • Valerio Di Fonzo, Department of Anthropology: "Neoliberalism, Neo-Extractivism, and Environmental Conflicts in Peru"
  • Sarah Leiter, Department of Anthropology: "Brazil's Changing Religious Landscape: Ethnographic Insights"
  • Dylan Maynard, Department of History: "Violence, National Identity, and the Right in Buenos Aires, 1976-1983"
  • Anthony Meluso, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, "Smallholder Farmer Resistance to Constellation Brands Brewery"
  • Emily Moes, Department of Anthropology: "Structural Violence and Children: A Pilot Study on Differences between Social Class of Juveniles in Colonial Mexico"
  • André de Oliveira Nascimento, Department of Spanish & Portuguese: "Dictatorship and its Legacies to the LGBTTIQ Community in Argentina and Uruguay: The Case of Invisibility and the Reaction Proposed by Literature and the Archives"
  • Hayley Pedrick, Latin American Studies: "Urban and Rural Approaches to Memorialization in Medellin, San Rafael and Granada"
  • Mariana Sierra, Department of Spanish & Portuguese: "Democracy and Literature in Brazil: Multiple Perspectives"
  • Zsofia Szoke, Department of Anthropology: "The Lithium Economy: Bolivia's 'New' Resource in the Context of Resource Extraction History" 
  • Jens Van Gsel, Department of Linguistics: "The Effects of Language Endangerment on Sanapaná Vowel Productions"
  • Jessie Williamson, Department of Biology: "Why Don't Birds Get Chronic Mountain Sickness?" 

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Through support received from the US Department of Education, the LAII is able to offer academic-year and summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students alike.* FLAS Fellowships promote the study of less-commonly-taught languages. At The University of New Mexico, courses are available to support the study of Portuguese, Quechua, Quichua, K’iche’ Maya, and Nahuatl.

  • Josué Aciego, Department of Anthropology - K'iche Maya (AY, Summer)
  • Jennifer Arnason, Department of Spanish & Portuguese - Portuguese (AY, Summer)
  • Chaz Clark, Latin American Studies - Portuguese (Summer)
  • Sienna Dellepiane, Latin American Studies - Quechua (AY, Summer)
  • Thomas Goebel-Mahrle, Department of Spanish & Portuguese - Portuguese (AY, Summer)
  • Eve Gronert, Department of Spanish & Portuguese - Portuguese (AY)
  • Ramon Galindo - Department of Spanish & Portuguese - Portuguese (Summer)
  • Garcia Gustavo, American Studies - Nahuatl (Summer)
  • Sabrina Hernandez, Latin American Studies/Law - Portuguese (AY)
  • Pablo Lituma, School of Architecture and Planning - Quichua (AY, Summer)
  • Hayley Pedrick, Latin American Studies - Portuguese (AY)
  • Miguel Roman, Department of Spanish & Portuguese - Portuguese (AY)
  • Romo Isaiah, Latin American Studies / Department of Economics - K'iche' Maya (Summer)
  • Natalia Toscano, American Studies - Nahuatl (Summer)
  • Alexandra Villegas, Latin American Studies - Nahuatl (Summer)

PhD Fellowships

LAII partner departments at UNM may nominate PhD students whose research focuses on Latin America or Iberia. The LAII awards ten fellowships annually.

  • Keiko Beers, Department of Linguistics
  • Diego Bustos, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Carlos Carrion, Department of Biology
  • James Davenport, Department of Anthropology
  • Maria Teresa Guevara Beltran, Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
  • Beau Murphy, Department of Anthropology
  • Laura Powell, Department of History
  • Geneva Smith, Department of Anthropology
  • Denisse Vasquez Guevara, Latin American Studies
  • Fiorella Vera-Adrianzen, Department of Political Science
*FLAS funding contingent upon successful renewal of the LAII's Title VI application.