MALAS Student Profile: Nora Lamm

February 15, 2016

MALAS Student Profile: Nora Lamm

Image: Photograph of Nora Lamm traveling in Easter Island during her undergraduate semester abroad in Chile.

A master's student in the 2015-16 cohort, Nora Lamm explains that her interest in Latin American studies is the result, in part, of growing up in Albuquerque, a "culturally diverse city with a lot of influence from the region."

She earned her undergraduate degree at Middlebury College in Vermont where she majored in International Studies and Geography and studied both Spanish and Portuguese. While studying abroad as an undergraduate in Chile, Nora experienced the February 2010 earthquake, which measured 8.0 in Santiago and 8.8 at the epicenter - one of the largest earthquakes on record. This experience instilled within her a strong belief in the power of good design and the importance of effective urban planning and disaster preparedness - an interest that eventually led her to pursue a dual degree in Latin American Studies and Community and Regional Development at UNM. Nora hopes to work on urban resiliency and climate change mitigation issues in cities throughout the Americas, starting with her hometown.

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