Biology Internships in Spain: Summer 2014

December 16, 2013

In Summer, 2014, students will have the opportunity to study biology through an immersive, for-credit program in Spain. The University of New Mexico (UNM) is partnering with the University of Alcalá, one of the oldest universities in Spain, to offer this intensive program during the summer in the city of Alcaláa de Henares, Madrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This new program is designed to offer an ideal combination of cultural immersion, internship experience, biology studies, and Spanish practice. It is a 400-level program open to students who have completed their core classes in Biology (201-204) and who seek both an international and professional experience to enhance their training. The program is designed to offer students an expanded view of biology as an international profession. For more information, see the course pamphlet.

Students enrolled in the program will have access to:

  • a two-week intensive course in Spanish for scientists (four hours each day, Monday through Thursday, for a total of 32 hours) to equip students for their internship experience;
  • an eight-week biology seminar (2 hours once a week, for a total of 16 hours) to encourage students' reflections regarding their internship experiences and to provide the opportunity to explore the scope of professional opportunities in modern biology; and
  • a six-week internship in a Spanish institution (four and a half hours per day, Monday through Thursday, for a total of 108 hours) to provide professional experience and insight into biology-related job market opportunities;

In addition to these course components, students will also receive four biology-related field trips, a travel pass for Madrid, and health insurance. Students will stay at the Alcalá University residence halls in double rooms. Single rooms and family homestays are available at an additional cost. Meals and tours to local landmarks (such as Segovia or Toledo) are not included.

For more information, contact Assistant Professor Irene Salina Ramiro at the UNM Department of Biology: