LAII Receives NRC Designation and FLAS Funding

August 17, 2010

Through its Title VI Program, the US Department of Education has designated the LAII as a National Resource Center (NRC). Such designation acknowledges the breadth and depth of Latin American-related instruction, outreach, scholarly research, maintenance of library resources, and teacher training that is coordinated by the LAII and its partners. Collectively, these activities indicate an incomparable national capacity in modern foreign languages and area and international studies.

The US Department of Education also awarded the LAII Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship funds to distribute to academically meritorious undergraduate and graduate students. FLAS funds provide academic year and summer fellowships to students undergoing training in less-commonly-taught languages and Latin American-related area studies. The LAII will receive both NRC and FLAS funding from academic year 2010 through 2014.