LAII-Affiliated Faculty Media Contacts

Media personnel seeking to connect with LAII Affiliate Faculty can reach out to any of the contacts below:

Stephanie Beene
Department: University Libraries
Region: New Mexico/Southwest US
Specialization: Borderlands, Pre-Columbian Southwest, Western US and Mexico

Ronda Brulotte
Department: Geography
Region: Mexico, Mesoamerica
Specialization: Cultural heritage, arts, food, tourism

Joseph Cook
Department: Biology
Region: Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico
Specialization: Biodiversity Studies and Emerging Zoonotic Diseases

Les W. Field
Department: Anthropology
Region: Colombia, Nicaragua
Specialization: National identities, Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights

Rich File-Muriel
Department: Spanish & Portuguese
Region: U.S. and Colombia
Specialization: Hispanic Linguistics, Sociophonetics of Spanish, Sound patterns of Spanish, Study Abroad Colombia

Tobias Fischer
Department: Earth and Planetary Sciences
Region: Bolivia, Tanzania.
Specialization: Volcanology

Michelle Hall Kells
Department: English
Region: Greater Mexico, Southwest U.S. Border region of U.S. Mexico
Specialization: Sociolinguistics, Environmental Racism, Civil Rights Rhetoric

Ray Hernández-Durán
Department: Art: Studio History Education
Region: New Spain, Mexico, Caribbean, U.S. Southwest, Philippines
Specialization: History of Spanish Colonial Art and Architecture, Arts of Nineteenth-Century Mexico

Luis Herran Avila
Department: History
Region: Mexico, Colombia, Southern Cone
Specialization: Conservative / Right-Wing Movements in Latin America; Fascism, Neofascism, and the Radical Right; Cold War History; Mexican Politics

Karl Hinterbichler
Department: Music
Region: Spain, Mexico, South America
Specialization: Music in Medieval Spain. Contemporary Classical Music of Mexico/South American

Liz Hutchison
Department: History
Region: Chile, Argentina
Specialization: History of Gender, Labor, Sexuality; Twentieth Century Chile and Southern Cone

Claudia B Isaac
Department: Community and Regional Planning
Region: Mexico, New Mexico
Specialization: Communities of Color, Latinxs Communities, Community Economics, Indigenous History

Emily Jones
Department: Anthropology
Region: Spain, Portugal Specialization: Archaeology, Environmental History
Specialization: Archaeology, Environmental History

Kathryn McKnight
Department: Spanish & Portuguese
Region: Colombia, Latin America
Specialization: Literary and Cultural Studies, Health Humanities, Afro-Descent Narratives, Women's Writing & Voices

Jami Nunez
Department: Political Science
Region: Peru, Bolivia, Honduras
Specialization: Service Provision and Public Good, Development, Water, Sanitation, Climate Change, Public Health, Governance, NGOs, and Aid

Catherine R. Rhodes
Department: Anthropology
Region: Mexico
Specialization: Mexico Diaspora

Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez
Department: Theatre and Dance
Region: South America, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador
Specialization: Theatre, Music. Race, Migration, Multiculturalism

Naomi Shin
Department: Linguistics and Spanish & Portuguese
Region: Mexico
Specialization: Child Language Acquisition, Childhood Bilingualism

Bill Stanley
Department: Political Science
Region: El Salvador, Guatemala
Specialization: Military politics, Political Conflict and Insurgency, Conflict Resolution, Violence, Crime, Policing, Courts, and Justice Systems

Lawrence G. Straus
Department: Anthropology
Region: Spain, Mexico, South America
Specialization: Paleolithic Prehistory

Eliseo Torres
Department: Chicana/o Studies
Region: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala
Specialization: Traditional Medicine

Marygold Walsh-Dilley
Department: Geography and Environmental Studies
Region: Andes, Bolivia, Ecuador
Specialization: Rural Development, Human-Environment Relations, Agrarian Change, Climate Change. Food & Agriculture

Ben Warner
Department: Geography and Environmental Studies
Region: Central America, Andes, Mexico
Specialization: Geography

Richard L. Wood
Department: Sociology
Region: US and Central America
Specialization: Religion & Politics, Including Immigrant Rights Advocacy

Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez
Department: Spanish and Portuguese
Region: Mexico, Spain
Specialization: Mexico/Us Border Studies, US Latinx Cultural Studies

If you are an LAII-Affiliated faculty member who would like to be added to this list, please contact