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Why Latin American Studies?

LAII: Future Students: Why LAS?

Because Latin America matters. It matters historically, at the moment, and for the future.

At UNM, where socially engaged scholarship is emphasized across campus, our students are at the forefront of changing traditional methods of engaging with so-called developing or "third world" countries. 

The LAS program is based upon the premise that peace and prosperity in the hemisphere depend upon deep mutual understanding among peoples of diverse cultural, linguistic, and historical backgrounds; and that such understanding depends on the rigorous training of area experts who have the knowledge base to conduct inter-American relations into the future.

With this basis, LAS students learn how to examine essential questions relevant to Latin America, the broader hemisphere, and the world - to question human rights issues, governmental responsibilities, language preservation, health equity, and more. In the process they become equipped with a malleable and marketable skill set, prepared to work for inter-American relations and mutual interests across public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

LAS students are more than global citizens. They are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and humanitarians.